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General SEO Questions

1What is Search Engine Optimization
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the marketing process to raise the visibility in the organic search results, for the specific purpose of obtaining more traffic for a website.
2How Does SEO Work?
Every search engine like Google, Bing, and Yahoo provides a listing of websites that are the best answer a search query. Those listings are called search results. Within those search results, you will find paid results, but the bulk of the results are made up of what are called organic results. The organic results are the free listings that the search engines have found, to be the most relevant to the user’s query.
3Which is Better, SEO or Google Adwords?
Seo optimization services are considered a long-term strategy that requires at least a few months before you begin to see your site ranking for your keywords. This of course depends on your particular market and the difficulty of each term. By contrast, Adwords is turning on a traffic instant. You create your ad, set up a landing page or website and click the run button. Once your ad is approved, traffic begins to raise.

Business related

1When Should I do SEO?
Search Engine Optimisation should be worked in from day one… during the web design process, even before the website is live! Something like learning a new musical instrument, it’s never too late to start Search Engine Optimisation!
2Why is SEO so important for Online Business?
If you are building a website for a client and launching some marketing campaign, or you just want to increase your website visibility, SEO is one of the most important things to do. It's perhaps the main factor that can make an online business to success.
3How to improve SEO?
Related content, an affordable tone of voice, storytelling, catchy texts, giving value, make social signals, and etc. While all these big words need to swallow up the digital marketing world today, one tiny detail sobs in the corner of your marketing strategy.

SEO Strategy

1What is keyword research?
Keyword research helps you to determine the keywords for which you should optimize the current and future pages of your site and rank for them related to your niche. It's the way of determining which queries people are entering into search engines so you can optimize pages that will show up as results for those keywords.
2Where do I put my SEO keywords?
In general, the keyword you're optimizing for a page should appear in the page title, in the first paragraph of your introduction, into headings (H1 and H2).
3What is robots.txt?
Robots.txt is a text file that gives top lever directory list to search engines how and what pages to crawl from your website.
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