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June 2, 2020
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August 2, 2020
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SEO Isn’t the Icing on the Cake

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It’s a Critical Ingredient for your site

Yeah, yeah, by now you get that SEO is an important asset in your marketing channel, but really its much more than that.

Search engine optimization is, in large part, the way in which you help Google and other search engines to appropriately classify, organize, display and understand your blog and site.

Optimization techniques can be used to showcase your business on search engines and help put them in the best possible light (i.e. meta tags/descriptions = sales headlines for your business).

One of the biggest mistakes we see OFTEN is that a business will develop an amazing website will all the bells and whistles, but fail to consider optimization along the way.

What they end up with is a shiny (albeit great looking) website that is at a severe disadvantage when it comes to actually gaining visibility in the search engines. Optimization in 2018 needs to be woven into the fabric of your site and should be a key…no critical…consideration from stage one of site development all the way thru to deployment.

If you’re sitting there thinking “well I guess I’m screwed”, hang tight. A good SEO firm can help remediate SOME of the issues with your site in retrospect (and some they can’t). But, it will take significantly more effort, time…and of course money.

 But my CMS is SEO Friendly Already

This is a common misconception in 2018. For example, WordPress used to get ALL the Google love due to their integrated blog system which enabled even the most technically inept to post fresh content to feed Google with ease.

However, just like the song says, “…the times they are a changing.” Many CMS’s in 2018 do more harm than good, and WordPress is one of the WORST culprits.

Bloated code, slow plugins, and security issues plague WordPress and other CMS platforms, leading to slower load times (a major SEO signal in 2018), poor user experiences equating to less page views, higher bounce rates, and more. All of which are negative ranking signals in Google’s massive algorithm.

 Your Customers DEMAND your Presence

Its 2018 folks….not only do you NEED a website, you also need a virtual brand that is consistent in its appearance and messaging across search, social, and other industry channels online.

New data suggests that 8/10 purchases (including offline) BEGIN with an online search. And because Google owns over 70% of that market share that’s where your customers are likely looking for you.

Type in your main keyword in Google….if you don’t show up in the top 3 slots you are missing out on up to 61% of search traffic for your brand. YES THAT IS 61%.

People are lazy. So much so that the first 3 positions in Google get over 61% of traffic. And if you’re NOT on page #1, you’re losing out of 90%+ of traffic.

This is not only costly in terms of direct revenue loss from potential sales conversions, but you are losing brand awareness and market share to COMPETITORS. Competitors that now have more sales, more revenue and are better positioned than you to push you out of business.

 SEO Allows you to Double or Triple Down

Content produced for search engine optimization can be multi-purposed across multiple media channels in part or in whole.

You can use article snippets to tease blog posts across social media, via email marketing, on forums, or other publications.

Additionally, good content will be proactively shared by other readers to their audiences, expanding your reach even farther, growing brand/product awareness, naturally building backlinks, and driving direct visitors to your pages.

Over time this content will rank for long tail keywords, provide Google with fresh “food” to ingest, indicating to the search engines that your site is up to date and relevant to readers, and help establish your company as an industry leader or knowledge resource for your niche.