What is PPC - Pay Per Click?

PPC advertising is a great way to get visitors when they are most needed. It is a type of sponsored online advertising that uses many websites, including search engines, where the advertiser only pays is if the web user clicks on her ad, and hence the name 'pay per click'. Browsers like Google and Bing allow companies and individuals to buy lists in search results. These documents appear along with natural or organic search results that are free.

PPC advertising can generate traffic at any time. If people search for the key phrases you have set up within your ad, you'll get clicks when the ad is activated. Unlike natural marketing for search engines or other forms of advertising that require weeks or even months to trigger audience reactions, PPC campaigns can deliver results within just a few hours or days. It further provides an unmatched ability to adapt to market conditions. The price of PPC advertising can have great variations - sometimes you may find targeted keywords for top positions at very low prices. In such a situation, PPC is a great solution, because it can generate traffic at a minimum cost.

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