Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO: Why it's important to be on the first Google page?

When we need some service, product, information, the first thing most of us do is to type the desired term (keyword) into the browser, most often Google. After that, there are websites where we look at products, we choose, we compare prices, we buy. What's important is that 80% of internet users do not go beyond 1 on the side of Google, while only 4% of them list further from the other side. Think about the last time you left the first page. Neither your friends, neighbors, potential clients go. Online users simply opt for the "closest" website, the one that appeared among the first on the list. The website at Google's 1st place has an average of 46.37% of clicks, the other 29.43%, while the other on the other The pages get only 1.5% of the total number of clicks. The number of clicks means automatically and the number of potential customers.
Visitors are not overly interested in which sites appear first in searches, or why it is so. And it should not. But website owners must certainly be interested in this. Here's why: no matter how your site is interesting and functional, and what you offer is top quality, nobody will know it or see if you're not on the first Google pages. Your site is officially dead, does not perform its basic purpose. There are no visitors, therefore there are no new clients or earnings. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a term that should be known to anyone who wants to survive and improve their business on the internet market.

Importance of Search Engine Optimization

The main goal of our SEO packages is to place your website among the first search results for a particular term, that is, a keyword and help you stay there. We take all agreed measures and care of your website while Google's 1st page in organic search does not become a reality. This implies constant monitoring of the optimization of the competitor pages, monitoring the popularity of certain keywords, monitoring the statistics of visits, the most common keywords, the most visited pages, the SEO strategy, selecting an efficient domain, optimizing hyperlinks and Alt tags, SEO copywriting, correct use of head tags, , link optimization, social network optimization, testing and tracking results ... and more.

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