Internet, Client-Server Architecture, Web Hosting

The Internet is a global computer network that connects computers and smaller or larger computer networks using a single protocol. The global network consists of millions of users who share information and services with each other, such as e-mail, file transfer, world wide web, etc. The World Wide Web (abbreviated www) is a system of interconnected documents and is only one of the Internet services.

Documents - web pages may contain text, graphics, or other multimedia content. Information on the web is usually presented by these documents that comprise the content of a particular web site. Websites are stored on computers called web servers. Computers accessing documents on servers are called web clients, and web pages will show you web browsers. Some of the more popular browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera ... The web browser sends a request to the web server to download the page through its unique IP address, for example: Website collection in a particular location is a web site.

Web Hosting Services

In order for users to see a website, they must be published, that is, websites must be placed on a web server. Your PC can serve as a server if it is connected to the network, but it is customary for this task for you to be run by a specialized hosting provider that will place your website on your web server and it will become available to all users at any time. This service is called web hosting. Web hosting and mail hosting means setting up web pages on web servers, creating their own e-mail addresses and mailboxes, creating databases, installing specific applications, visiting statistics, etc. Hosting services actually provide "home", ie accommodation sites and makes them constantly available on the Internet. One of the basic prerequisites for presence on the Internet is setting up web sites on web servers. Make a choice according to your needs. There is a wide range of hosting services, which you choose will depend on your needs.

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