Website Security

Website security refers to maintaining the security of websites, web servers, and web applications. A website is always open to malware attacks. Website security includes website scanning, checking servers and applications for malware and vulnerabilities. Also includes the detection and prevention of threats and vulnerabilities including malware threats, zero-day vulnerabilities, DDoS attacks, brute-force attacks etc. The focus is on the data protection and protection of the sensitive personal data of customers as well.

Websites and applications require the resilience and intelligence of a scalable network to combat the big and new attacks. It’s important to ensure that performance never sacrifices for the security and that systems have easy setup and configuration, avoiding configuration errors which can introduce security vulnerabilities.

Website Security Service

  • Test methodology
  • Explanations for all identified vulnerabilities
  • Likely success/impact of hacker exploitation of the most critical vulnerabilities
  • Recommendations to mitigate the identified vulnerabilities

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